Monday, February 04, 2013

I am the voice of the GENERAL in the General Television commercials. I finished recording a spot not long ago that I'll post here. You can find me on Facebook Rick Sellers and on Twitter @Ricksvoices too to follow my exciting adventures! You can hear some of my impressions on TwitVoice.
The most recent TwitVoice is Morgan Freeman describing Andy Dufrain's poor fashion choice at Shawshank prision.

Monday, January 21, 2013


The new web site is finished. Please go and check it out. Once you're there click on any of the navigation buttons. You can see the recording studio, listen to the various voice-over talent's audio demo's. Look at images of the audio books and Toy product we record character voices for. And view TV commercials I've voiced. All in all it's really cool. It was a massive undertaking to complete-but now it's finished. Click the link to visit my site

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brand new web site 11-11-12

I'm having a brand new hyper interactive web site constructed as I write this post. The new site will have tons of audio ( character voices, impersonations, crazy wacky sound effects and music ). Once it's complete I will post again with a link to the site. Hope you all get a chance to visit and see and hear a smattering of some of the products I've recorded and produced audio for over the past 15 years.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Television Toy Commercial

Below you'll find a Television commercial for a new PLAYSKOOL toy product from HASBRO. We created all the sound effects, character voices, and original music for the line. You can hear me as the voice of the COP in the TV add. Creekside Audio owned by my pal Wes McCraw was my Engineer on this project. Dead or're coming with me!

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is one of the new graphics created for my new web site by Jim Groman and James Elliott.


I’ve recently began building a new web site. This site unlike the previous site will have lots of audio and video samples. Since I’m a voice over talent this seemed like a really good idea. The new site address is So if you or so one you know needs voice talent for radio or television commercials, toy, audio books, video games or anything that needs sound, call me first.

I’ve had two of my old studio mates Jim Groman and James Elliott both do new art for my site. Both these guys are top notch artist and you should check out both of the blogs. You can find them on my links portion of this blog. I had a fantastic year and I hope this year will be even more profitable.

I’ll keep everyone who may be interested updated on the new projects. At the moment I’m hard at work on a HASBRO toy job..I’m doing character voices, sound effects and original music for a new line of preschool action figures. I’ll post the YOUTUBE TV commercial up here very soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2007





At long last the new audio drama based on T. Ray Gordon's third science fiction radio play "Tears of the Tin God" is complete. I had taken several months off from the story to produce a series of 25 children's songs for HASBRO TOYS. Once we finished that daunting task I was free and clear to wind up the final 2 chapters of the CD. The advanced reviews have been super, so I'm quite pleased. Most critiques who have reviewed "TEARS" have indicated that this is the best of the three titles I've recorded thus far. The new CD is now available at through cdbaby.

Once there, you can listen to two minutes of all six chapters to get a feel for the story. You can also check out the other two previous stories "Inhumanity Quest" and "Strawberry Automatic" the latter CD won the Mark Time Honorable mention Award for best science fiction audio production for 2005. All three titles I've produced based on the science fiction radio plays Gordon wrote for his 1946 radio show "Vistas of the Beyond" are complete with a multi cast of professional voice actors, sound effects and a fantastic compilation of both original music and some superb production music. In the very near future I'll put some audio clips from the books up here on this Blog so you can listen to samples. In addition I'll post the reviews or links to the receivers sites so that you'll be able to read the reviews for yourself.

I'm now in pre production on the fourth story Gordon wrote titled Blood of Gorgon's. This tale is also a sci-fi adventure, but unlike the other three tales is set in the American old west circa 1866. The story features two immortal characters from Greek mythology who have survived into the wild, wild, west. I'll begin recording the first chapter of the book around November of 07.

Look for Jim Groman's sculpt on the cover of the CD. Shown here in progress. Until next time, this is Rick Sellers saying so long!

Friday, January 13, 2006


January 12, 2006

We have just begun recording our 3 rd audio book based on the radio dramas written by T. Ray Gordon. This story titled TEARS of the TIN GOD aired way back on October 12, 1946 at 7:30 PM on WOR out of NEW YORK. It was broadcast on the MUTUAL SYSTEM. Our initial recoding session went extremely well in spite of the actors not having thier scripts ahead of time. I plan on having a finished product for sale in mid JULY 2006. It will be available at as a compact disc. You will also be able to buy it at ITUNES as a digital down load. I've uploaded the cover art for the CD for the fans. And the art will be sold on my site as a 11x17 poster mailed flat.

I will update this site as I continue you to record and edit the story. Later!